About Kargil

Kargil town (2,704 m), situated midway between Srinagar (204 Kms) and Leh, (234 kms) on the Srinagar-Leh highway, is the second largest urban centre (approx. 8,000 inhabitants) of Ladakh and headquarters of Kargil district. A quiet town now, in the past it served as an important trade and transit centre for the Central-Asian merchants due to its unique equidistant location (about 200-230 kms) from Srinagar, Leh and Skardo, all well known trading outposts on the old trade route network. Numerous caravans carrying exotic merchandise transited in the town on their way to and from China, Tibet, Yarkand, Kashmir and Baltistan. Since 1975, travellers of various nationalities have replaced traders of the past and Kargil has regained its importance as a centre of travel-related activities.

Being located in lap of the Himalayas, Kargil serves as an important base for undertaking adventure tourism and trips to the exotic Zanskar Valley and other Himalayan regions. Visitors travelling between Srinagar and Leh have to make a night halt here before starting the second leg of their journey.

Kargil Must Visit Places

Kargil is one of the base stations for many things like trekking and skiing. Mountaineering, camping, river rafting are some of the activities that are enjoyable. It is also serving as base for taking shorter excursions like in Mulbek. Goma kargil is also famous. Apart from all these, you have the best of shopping places that you should visit. Cave monastery, Trespone, Sankhoo Imambaras are another such famous places.

Kargil's Famous Cuisines

Kargil cuisine follows same as kashmiri cuisines. There are so many dhabas and restaurants. You may see tandoori and mughlai food too.

Kargil Markets

There are some local markets where you can enjoy the best. You may catch hold of winter materials like shawls, carpets etc. In Kargil, you also find some handicrafts and other handmade products that you would want to shop around.

How To Reach Kargil

When you want to travel to Kargil, plan it well. According to planning and requirements, you can get in to travelling through air, train or land. Nearest airport is at Srinagar. Jammu Tawi Express is one train connected to Jammu for daily basis. If you live nearby then you can travel through Bus. There are special buses from Srinagar and Leh.

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